"Optimal Behavioral Health has provided stellar care to my entire family and I completely trust their service. Here are 15 reasons why I believe Optimal Behavioral Health has been so effective:
1. Patient-centered care
2. Evidenced-based care
3. Detailed, ongoing, and comprehensive assessment processes
4. Patient is carefully monitored
5. Timely response to concerns
6. Emergency/urgent issues addressed
7. No middle man or service (direct contact with provider)
8. Flexible length of appointment for patients needs
9. Conscientiousness of financial needs
10. Continual follow-ups and check-ins
11. Parents are given plenty of time to voice concerns and their questions are answered
12. Family and patient are treated with respect and dignity
13. Daily symptom tracker
14. Collaborative care among providers
15. Intermittent labs

My story

My son has struggled with various mental health disorders most of his life. He has been diagnostically
and therapeutically evaluated, and has received medication management by four different mental
health providers. This process began when my son was three. My son is now almost thirteen. He was
described by one mental health provider as “being my most difficult and complicated patient.” He was
given so many different and competing diagnosis that it put our family in a state of duress.
Appointments were never long or thorough enough to accurately assess my son. When he was ten my
son was in a behavioral day treatment program that facilitated his academic learning while modifying his
behavior. During this time I was counseled many times that my son would most likely require extensive
residential treatment in the future. After so many interventions, alternative therapies, and mounting
expenses, I still felt that my son had not received a correct diagnosis or medication, and therefore his
behavior was not improving. I was terrified for my son and our family, and I was beginning to feel

That’s when I heard very good comments about Dr. Curtis Sturos (Psychiatrist) and Melanie KabotSturos
(Psychiatric nurse practitioner). I decided to have my son evaluated by Optimal Behavioral
Health. They called me back in a timely manner and explained the diagnostic process. The very first
conversation I had with the Dr. Sturos impressed me. Prior to the first appointment I filled out
assessment forms that were detailed and easy to access. Dr. Sturos reviewed my thoughts as a parent as
well as the forms, and he was prepared for our visit. At the first appointment I felt like we were already
ahead of the curve; we got right to specific questions and detailed assessments. I was unrushed and I
left feeling as if there was nothing left unsaid. This was the first time I have ever felt that my son would
be evaluated properly. I finally had hope.

Indeed, the high level of care has never waned. Melanie Kabot-Sturos partnered in care for my son and
provided additional family counseling. My son began treatment in April of 2014, and has continued until
the present time. He has been given one firm diagnosis, the correct diagnosis, and he is on the proper
medication. Currently, my son is mainstreamed in public school, receiving A’s and B’s in school, is happy,
and my family remains intact. I believe this occurred because he received evidenced-based, patient-centered
care. My son always looks forward to his visits with Dr. Sturos. I truly believe that without the
care of Dr. Sturos and Melanie Kabot-Sturos, my son would still be improperly diagnosed and receiving
improper medications; and he would be in residential treatment. Dr. Sturos is very professional and has
a wonderful therapeutic manner. I also am very attuned to my son’s progress because it is charted on a
daily symptom graph that allows us see the progress and changes in his behavior.

The parent of a child who has a mental health disorder often requires mental health services as well. I
began to see Melanie Kabot-Sturos for my own issues. Her attention to detail and the assessment
process is par for the course at Optimal Behavioral Health. Every session I receive an assignment or a
focus to work on – I leave with something valuable. Melanie’s knowledge is insightful and far reaching,
and she has helped me again and again through difficult times. I was also given the opportunity for
genetic testing which provides the opportunity to see what medications and or vitamins will be best
suited for me. Melanie investigates all avenues before resorting to medications, which I found
reassuring. She is both extremely professional and very personable. I am amazed that she accurately
recalls the details of our prior sessions – she knows who I am as soon as I walk through the door.
Melanie recommends reading material and real tools that can be utilized when needed. I always feel like
I am improving while in her care. I notice in myself continual movement and greater understanding with
my personal issues. I am empowered because she meets my needs, since she allows sessions to follow
my agenda.

I have referred Optimal Behavioral Health to others and they have also reported wonderful care. It is not
often that you can find so many of your family’s mental health needs addressed under one roof." -- Name withheld

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"I just wanted to say that working with Dr. Sturos has without a question saved my life. I was at the last straw and it was bending. I gave my PCP a date that he had to get me fixed (living and not existing, and NO MORE SPECIALISTS) well I did one more Specialist and it was Dr. Sturos. I am not healed and never will be, but I am workable, pain free and happy for the most part. I would recommend Dr. Sturos to anyone who would ask me who gave me a living attitude, matter of fact I told my sister to contact him. I know I'm not where I am suppose to be, but I'm not where I was." -- S.C.
"Dr. Sturos' innovative approach to medications has restored my quality of life, that had been lost due to my PTSD. I would recommend him to anyone suffering from mental illness. Dr. Sturos ended 20 years of suffering for me. ​-- J.G., Medford, Oregon
"After years of trying to work with psychiatric professionals, for whom we paid way too much money, and with whom we spent way too little time to experience very little success, if any, we found Melanie Kabot-Sturos. You too, should be so lucky.

Melanie is not a practitioner who, after spending a few minutes, throws medication of varying types or doses at her patients and then sends them on their way. Rather, Melanie takes the time to really listen to her patients before suggesting plans of action. She counsels them with great advice. She monitors their progress closely. She does her research about her patients, which includes, but is not limited to, interviewing family members and talking to/coordinating with other practitioner members of the patient’s treatment team, if appropriate.

Melanie is a responsible professional, who demonstrates her expertise in a competent and caring manner. It is evident she feels compassion for her patients as well as for her profession. It is without question we recommend her to anyone searching for the consummate psychiatric specialist with a heart." ​-- J.M., Medford, Oregon
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